Episode 4 - Give me a lever and a fulcrum

The group awakened the comatose Pantorans to find that the situation on Pantora has deteriorated. People have been rounded up into labor camps and are taken by the Imperials, never to be seen again.

They parked the Gozanti on a random moon in an uninhabited system before returning to Meridian.

Once back in Meridian they met with the Devaronian Black Sun Lieutenant Ishkar Dridian, from whom they took out a loan. The party had their ship repaired.

Ren found out the refugees they had rescued from the train were looking for him. He and Marcus arrived at the farmstead in time to stop the youngsters among the group, led by Areant, from leaving to storm the COMPNOR compound in Capital City where Areant's father, Jiris, is being held. Ren calmed the situation and promised to free Jiris.

The squibs have been impatiently waiting this entire time. The party gives in and goes to find the Squib treasure. They arrive on Shalyvane to find a group of Black Sun slaves salvaging durasteel and parts from the crashed Seperatist ships. They promise to free them. One of the slaves guides them into the mountains where they find the cave that General Dalesham used to start setting up his hidden base. They turn on the generators which activates an area alarm, waking B1 battledroids. Shutting the power back off deactivated the B1s, but two Magnaguards have also been awoken.

After gaining control of the base the Squibs play a recording for the party from someone named Fulcrum. It tells the party that they are not alone in the fight against the Empire, that the squibs are her operatives, and to use this base as a place from which to gather more support and attack the Empire.

Episode 4 - Give me a lever and a fulcrum

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